Going into the new year brings new adventures, new plans, new goals, and new marketing efforts. What are you doing to enhance your marketing and business development efforts? Have you considered a target demographic? Have you considered learning a new language? How about Millennial-ese?

There is a lot of talk these days about the millennial generation. You know, that generation that is way younger than you. Or, maybe not. Maybe you are a millennial. Whatever the case, this group, ages 17 to 35 (give or take) and commonly known as Generation Y is here. Among other things, surveys indicate they make up 25% of the United States’ population with over 80 million millennials in the United States alone. And, guess what? If you own a business, they are likely a part of your customer base.

Are you marketing to millennials? If not, you should be. Not exclusively, but you should be mindful of their generation in your marketing efforts. In fact, Dan Shawbel, a contributor for Forbes.com, wrote a good article on “Why You Can’t Ignore Millenials.” Check it out. Make the adjustment. You’ll be better off for it.