Notion Motion Corp. welcomes the Eastern Florida Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ as a client and one of our recent projects completed.

When it came time for Eastern Florida to go global with their ministry, which represents 114 churches and thousands of members throughout the state of Florida, they found our chief idea mover, Whitney Rawls, to lead the initiative. The lead came by way of referral from work Rawls did year’s ago for his own church’s website, Christ Fellowship.

Upon taking the assignment, Rawls gave a presentation at the organization’s end of year planning session in early December 2013. After making the presentation, it was evident that the members of Eastern Florida were eager to see their presence online. Up to the task, we quickly assembled a graphic concept and established their Internet presence in 3 weeks.

Using the momentum of the December presentation, we first launched Eastern Florida Jurisdiction’s social media presence first using Facebook and Twitter. This allowed maintain interest for a digital presence while the website was being constructed. Within two weeks, the Facebook site had grown to 300 likes and continues to grow. Additionally, along with the website launch, we initiated the organization’s Instagram presence to include, reach and engage it’s younger members.

As part of our service offerings, we’ll be handling PR and marketing for the jurisdiction, including managing its Internet and social media presence. Visit the Eastern Florida Jurisdiction online at: