Normally, this would be cause for welcoming a new website client however, Felicia Brunson has been with us, as a friend and client, since she kicked off her campaign to run for Broward County School Board Member, District 1, back in September 2013.

Notion Motion Corp. has had the honor and privilege of designing Felicia’s  collateral materials, including her campaign logo, 4×9 palm card, event advertisements, banners and now Felicia’s campaign website. And, with that, we would like to say “thanks for staying, Felicia Brunson.” Thanks for choosing us to handle your campaign’s graphic design needs and now your website development needs.

With Felicia’s help, we were able to completely overhaul her political career website (note: Felicia is the current Vice Mayor for the city of West Park, FL) and give her a fresh new look that embodies the look and feel of her campaign. The campaign’s signature green color is enlisted heavily throughout the site yet it is tempered by ample white space and a touch of gold.

What used to be something that Vice Mayor Brunson had ultimately come to dislike, we were able to give her a website that she, her campaign team and her supporters are proud to direct people to for more information about Felicia candidacy.

Visit Felicia Brunson’s website here to take a look at how we were able to collaborate with her and her team to develop a functional and appealing website. Visit