start_ID-100131075A common deterrent for success is the thought of limited resources.  We often gauge our future success by what we have in hand or by what is immediately available to us.  However, history has proven many times over that success often has nothing to do with existing resources.

Many of today’s greatest and most useful inventions are the result of creating something that never was.  Even those that have been innovated and improved over time are the result of creating something that previously was not.

We should never allow lack of resources, lack of provision, lack of knowledge, or lack of anything, to hinder our dreams and to stifle our creativity.  The greatest mind is the one who creates something from nothing.  It is not magic.  It is simply coupling need with desire and producing a desired outcome.

Start where you are with what you have today to create what you want tomorrow.  And then, repeat that process daily. – Tweet This

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