Vision_over_Passion_ID-100169330Many say leaders are passionate.  It is true.  Leaders are passionate.  They are zealous, even fanatic, about their pursuits.  But, effective leaders know that passion gets you nowhere without vision.

Vision is “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.” (  It is a perceptive experience in which something appears not only real and tangible but also achieved, attained or accomplished.

If a leader cannot visualize an end point or an end result then they have no reference point for which to guide their passion.  As a result, whatever mission they embark on, whatever goals or objectives they set will constantly be met with moving deadlines, lack of progress and frustration.

Vision provides, if not a defined reference point, at the very least, it gives you a target and helps to shape perspective and direction.  You can have the best intentions and still be headed in the wrong direction if you lack vision.

Vision is revelation.  Revelation is disclosure or some level of knowledge that was previously concealed.  This is what moves leaders: knowledge of the end result.  Passion, drive and determination are what keeps them on track and headed in the right direction.

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