What is more important, mission or method?

Truth is both are important.  But, too often, we get caught up in methods, systems, and processes and before we know it, we have lost sight of what our mission or assignment was to begin with.  It is unfortunate because without the mission, there would be no need for a method.

Methods come with attachment.  Attachments breed emotionalism and, in most cases, not the right kind.  Missions necessitate engagement.  Engagement forces you to maintain focus and requires that you be ready and able to switch gears and change direction in order to complete your mission.

Yet, when faced with making a choice to abandon a method, because of the emotional attachment, it can be hard.  Remembering these five things will help to ensure that you always choose your mission over your method.

  1. Your mission is your assignment.
  2. Utilize methods – or processes – to complete your mission.
  3. Never compromise your mission for the sake of sticking to a method, especially an outdated and unproductive one.
  4. There will always be more than one method to accomplish a mission.
  5. Completing the mission is always more important than how you do it.