Terms and Conditions

for Media Services

Due to the nature of graphics design (flyers, logos, brochures, etc.) and website development work, the following media services terms and conditions apply.

  1. Payment
    1. Deposit.
      1. Graphics work. Full payment or a 50% deposit is required before your project can begin. The balance is due upon acceptance of the final draft.
      2. Website Development. A 50% deposit is required before your project can begin. Another 25% is due within 14 days of project start. And, the balance is due upon project completion.
    2. Final high resolution versions of graphics work and admin passwords for websites will not be relinquished until final payment is made. As well, to keep our project prices competitive, we do not include “native,” “original source” or “working files” (PSD, AI, etc.) as part of a project’s deliverables. (Source files are available for an additional fee.)
    3. Contract Agreements.
      1. Clients without contractual agreements are asked for immediate payment upon acceptance of the final draft and issuance of an invoice.
      2. Clients with contract agreements will be invoiced and are asked to satisfy their balance within ten (days) of the invoice date.  (Invoice date is reflected on the invoice and not per the email’s sent or received date.)
      3. All invoices are sent via email only.
      4. Late fees. A 10% late charge will be assessed for invoices that are past due 15 days. Past due invoice reminders will be issued via email five (5) days following the invoice due date and every five (5) days thereafter.
    4. Refunds.
      1. Work not started. All requests for refunds on work not started will be processed in 14 business day
      2. Work started. Refund requests for work started will be subject to 25% of the project cost being withheld for work performed. Subsequently any monies beyond the 25% will be returned in 14 business days.
      3. PayPal payments. If you made payment via PayPal, you refund will be subject to PayPal’s refund terms and may be less the PayPal fee.
  2. Project Turnaround
    1. Graphics.
      1. Estimated turnaround time for a completed project is approximately 5 to 7 Business Days for first draft.  It is our expectation to produce a final, print ready product in 5 to 7 Business Days.  However, the number of revisions you need or request will determine the final turnaround time for your project which may exceed 5 to 7 days. (see #3 Revisions below)
      2. Rush Jobs.  Rush jobs are projects that are requested to be done earlier than 3 business days.  All rush jobs will be assessed an additional $150.00 charge.
      3. Revisions.  In order to keep our prices affordable and reasonable, all clients are entitled to two (2) revisions without additional charges.  Additional revisions will be billed hourly at $75.00 per hour.
      4. Printing.  Our turnaround time does not include printing.  We use various printers and all of them have differing print turnaround times.  Thus, please plan your project with, at least, an additional 3 days for print turnaround.  Some printers offer rush services for additional charges.
    2. Website Development.
      1. Estimated turnaround time for completed website projects is generally 2 to 3 weeks. This may vary based on project details.
      2. Rush Jobs.  Rush jobs are projects that are requested to be done earlier than 2 weeks.  All rush jobs for website development will be assessed an additional $500.00 charge.
      3. Revisions.  Additional revisions to websites will be billed hourly at $150.00 per hour, unless you are under contract for retained services.
  3. Additional Considerations
    1. Spec work.  What is spec work?  Spec work is a term used to define work that is done without a contractual agreement and in hopes of being rewarded future work.  We do not do spec work.  Please do not ask.
    2. Graphics submitted by you. We are not responsible for low resolution images sent to us for use on your project. Please ensure that all logos and photos are sent 300 dpi or better. Logos should be sent in PSD, AI, EPS, PDF or TIFF format. Photos should be sent in JPG, PDF or TIFF format. We do not accept photographs sent in Microsoft Word files. (If you must send a photograph contained in a Microsoft Word file, an additional processing fee may apply.)
    3. Stock photos. You are responsible for sending all necessary artwork and photographs. If stock images are needed, an additional $25 per image will apply.
    4. Copy and text for projects. You must provide all copy and text via email in a Microsoft Word or Text formatted file. We are not responsible for retyping text or writing copy. We offer copy writing services for additional fees.
    5. Printing.  Through relationships with various printing vendors, we are able to offer our clients fair pricing on graphics printing.  We do not publish a pricing schedule for printing as prices are subject to change from vendor to vendor.  If you have a printing need, it is best to specify that when placing your order for graphics services.  Doing so will help to ensure that your product is submitted for printing early enough and that you have it back within an acceptable time frame.  All printing requests take 2 to 3 business days.  Rush orders, if doable, will be charged an expedite fee of $100 in addition to the applicable printing costs and any design fees.
    6. We reserve the right to change or invalidate these terms at our discretion.

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