For years, I fought against SEO (search engine optimization).  Didn’t think it was pertinent.  I was thinking, if people were looking for you online, they would more likely just search for your name.  A few years ago, I finally bit the bullet while working at my last corporate job.  We were working toward a new marketing strategy that included revamping our website, starting with SEO.  We received a pitch from a company for a very attractive offer.  Needless to say, as good as the offer was, I still did not think it was worth it.

As we went through the process, I began to realize that I was fighting something that I did not quite understand.  Once I did, the purpose and benefits of SEO became obvious.

The questions that hooked me were: What about those people or companies that do not know us?  And, how do they search for us if they do not know our name?  The answer is this.  If you are not putting yourself in a position to be introduced to them, they may never know you exist.  They may never have an opportunity for you to win them over.  And, they may never know that you are the best for the job.

Potential clients know what they want but, sometimes they do not know who to get it from.  SEO allows you to introduce yourself to them even when they are not looking directly for you.

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