Starting a business?  Not sure where to begin?  Check out these resources.

The thought of starting a business, though exciting, can be a bit intimidating once you begin to think of what you need to do.  In my initial research, it seemed that I could not find one site or complete resource that would simply layout the steps I needed to take.  So, I’ve decided to share with you the resources that I came across during my own process.  I hope they help.

6 business startup resources that provide in-depth information as well as “how-to” resources, where to begin, etc.

  1. Thinking about starting a business? (U.S. Small Business Administration)
  2. 10 Steps to Starting a Business (U.S. Small Business Administration)
  3. Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center (IRS)
  4. Starting a Business in Florida (Sunbiz)*
  5. Starting a Business (Entrepreneur Magazine)
  6. How to Start a Business (Inc. Magazine)

*For Florida businesses only