Daniel-Craig-James-Bond-SkyfallLet’s face it.  Not all of us has the extra dough to pay for a personal stylist.  If you do, I would seriously recommend it.  If not or if you are just not willing to do so then this may be of help to you.

Growing up, wearing dress clothes – suits, slacks, button up shirts and ties –  was an issue for me.  I did not like wearing ties until around the age of 30.  The reason?  It was not the tie.  It was because I did not like the way button up shirts looked on me.  And, at my height (5’3”), it is tough to find pants of my length. (Help me out, I’m being transparent.)  I can remember wanting to dress nice and I did on some occasions but I always felt like my clothes were too big and it made me feel uncomfortable.  That uncomfortable feeling affected my attitude and my self-confidence.

The fix?  I finally got up enough nerve to pay a tailor to hem my pants to my liking.  I bought shirts that were closer to my size and had them touched up a bit, as well.  I invested in suits that were small enough for me and had them tailored to my liking.  Yes, it cost me more money but, in the long run, it pays off.

Wearing clothes that suit you and fit you comfortably goes a long way with your self-confidence.  Why?  Because your appearance affects your self-confidence.  Your appearance makes a statement about you and you want the tone of that statement to be positive, bold, and ultimately, a portrayal of someone who has got it all together.  Especially, if you are in the business of advocating for an issue, a product or a service.

So, let’s help ourselves out before we leave the house.  Definitely, wear what suits you but make sure your clothes fit.  Ensure that your clothing is not too small.  Likewise, do not wear baggy clothes.  Buy the right size and, if you cannot find the right size, buy something close and have it tailored.  (To make your clothing costs affordable, buy from the clearance and sales rack if you have to.)  Also, consult a personal stylist, even if it is a one-time thing.  That one visit may help you for a lifetime.

And, finally, do some research.  Here are some websites that I have found to be helpful in matching up clothes.  Keep in mind that these are stylist’s suggestions and subjective in nature.  Not everything will apply to you.  For example, I’m a bit old-fashioned and I happen to like pleated pants.  They feel more comfortable to me.  And, the feeling of comfort is important to me.

Photo Source: Screen Crave