Launching out on your own?  Consider this.  All great and lasting organizations have a board of directors or an advisory board.  You should too.  You should have your own personal advisory board. Here are 5 people (or groups) you should have in your corner.

An accountability partner or group

Accountability partners help you to keep your commitments and let you know when you’re in too deep or not deep enough.

Lawyers, accountants, and other professionals

Having lawyers and accountants or other professional persons on your team give you an audience to bounce legal or financial matters off of.  Plus, it allows you to delegate money matters if that’s not your strong suit.

Peers for networking and bouncing ideas off

Your closest friends and business colleagues aren’t just around for you to hang out with at networking events.  Put them to use.  Figure out who you can trust with your ideas and will also give you honest feedback and use them to bounce ideas off of.

 A mentor, coach, or adviser

Mentors, coaches and advisers are essentially accountability partners.  However, they have a greater role in actually giving you direction, helping to establish goals and objectives and coaching you through completion.

Expert contractors you can count on

All of us are only as good as our resource pool of experts.  You don’t know everything so don’t fool yourself into thinking and believing that you do.  Let the car mechanic fix your car while you handle the things that you’re good at.  Build a list of experts in different fields that you can consider your extended staff or partners.

Even if you’re not going into business for yourself, having people in your corner who you can count on to help you get to the next level is added value for your life and will help to ensure your success.